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Chemical Soil Treatment

This treatment is done as a precaution against the attack of termites. Anti-termite chemicals are sprayed directly on the soil, before the structure is build. Usually this method of treatment is carried out on the floor slab before concreting. This method of treatment is often carried out at construction sites for houses and buildings. A WARRANTY is given after completion of the Chemical Soil Treatment.

Corrective Soil Treatment

Corrective Soil Treatment, better known as CST is carried out in existing structures such as houses, factories, shop lots and any other buildings. Firstly, holes are drilled along the perimeter of the premises, measuring 10 cm from the wall and 2 feet in depth. Anti- Termite chemicals are pumped into these holes and later re- patched. A WARRANTY is given after completion of the Corrective Soil Treatment.

Termite Baiting

Termite Baiting System is a sophisticated and scientifically proven design that controls and eliminates termites infesting your premises. Termite Baiting System works by intercepting foraging termites route and attracting them to feed on our bait instead of the wood on your property. This is non destructive and blends in with the landscape and your property. We also provide extra support through DNA molecular diagnostic service.

General Pest Control

General Pest Control (GP) is done either on Monthly or Bi-Monthly basis. This method is used to control general pest such as Cockroaches, Common Ants, Rodents and other crawling insects. Pesticide chemicals are sprayed all along the premises, gully traps, roof beams, septic tanks and other specific areas. Contractual services are provided either on Monthly of Bi- Monthly frequency for a contractual period of one year. A contract document is prepared and executed by both parties upon commencement of work. This is suitable for any kind premises including high rise office buildings, apartments and shopping malls.

Fogging and Larvaciding

Fogging produces dense fog of insecticide which will provide instant knockdown and kill flying and crawling insects. It can provide an immediate method of controlling for flies and mosquitoes.


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